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If you’re a history buff like me, you might be interested in knowing the history of the landmark.


steele canyon bridge

steele canyon bridge

Here are all the details for this favorite field spot for photography!

TIME: We start one hour before sunset unless otherwise noted.

MEETING PLACE: Meet in the Sweetwater River Trail parking lot. Here’s a location link. Also please refer to the map below.

BRING: If you have young children, bring a snack and special treat (aka bribe 😊). If you’re planning to wear heels, I suggest bringing along some flats since we’ll be doing some walking. Baby wipes are another suggestion, since we will be going through some foliage, and sometimes kids are sensitive and a nice wipe-down before dinner helps.

DINNER OPTIONS: East County is not known for its cuisine, but there are still some options in the area! Check out this link for restaurant ideas.

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