Family Photography San Diego | Steele Canyon Bridge

This San Diego family photography session was scheduled for the beach, so I headed down to the Hotel del Coronado as usual that day. As my car neared the island, my concern increased, and I saw a dark gray cloud enveloping the area. (It reminded me of this last-minute relocation from last year.)

I got ahold of Adrienne and explained the situation, suggesting we reroute to an East County location where the sun was shining beautifully. I’m so glad she agreed! Steele Canyon Bridge was actually where I met Adrienne and her family four photo sessions ago, just after they moved here from out of state. We’d talked churches and schools, and I love that now, four years later, Adrienne and I are serving at the same church and her girls are attending our sweet school where my son goes. (Scroll to the end for one of the images from that first session.)

This particular session was earlier in the year than many because Damon headed out on deployment from San Diego just a few days later. The daddy-daughter shots in this family photography session were extra-important for that reason. Thank you for your service, Damon, Adrienne, and family!

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Family Photography San Diego
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Little Girl in the Field
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San Diego Family Photographer

Here’s a photo from the first session in 2016. These girls are growing up before our eyes!

Sisters on the Bridge

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