“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.”


Amy Gray

San Diego area photographer Amy Gray specializes in natural light, outdoor photography of families – especially on the beach!

Amy’s passion for the present comes through in her energetic, “all-in” approach to each session.  New clients frequently comment at the end of a session, “I don’t know how the pictures will be, but that sure was fun!” Amy’s never afraid to push the limits to get just the right shot – whether chasing toddlers along the sand, lying down in the dirt for a new perspective, or doing a set of jumping jacks for a smile.  A session is not just about remembering “this time of life,” but these specific memories — these particular toddler snuggles, this special embrace, the way this exact sunset looks right now.

And when Amy gets to the editing phase of her work, she continues to be “exact” and “particular,” with extreme attention to detail.  She strives to make every image presented a candidate for a giant wall hanging.  Don’t be afraid to print her images big!

Along with husband Rod, Amy also owns and runs a family business called Sitterwise, hotel childcare for guests in San Diego’s finest hotels and resorts. Some of her favorite clients are visitors to San Diego who use our childcare service and decide to take advantage of custom photography on their vacation, as well.

Rod and Amy work with the multisite ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church.  Their daughter Lissa is a freshman in high school, and their son Steven is nine and in fourth grade.  They all enjoy their large and close-knit extended family.  Custom photography is Amy’s passion, and she is honored to have the opportunity to  preserve memories for other families, just as she does for her own.