Meet Amy

The beach wasn’t always my favorite.  As a San Diego native, I actually avoided the sun, the seaweed, and the salty air.

Photography changed all that. Now I think the beach is the BEST. While I happily photograph in other locations, I am such a fan of a session right where the land meets the sea. My favorite is at the Hotel del Coronado, where the flat shoreline enables me to make my signature reflection shots.

When I’m not cleaning sand out of my car, I am trying to convince my husband that chocolate is the key to a healthy lifestyle, listening to an audiobook, trekking up to Riverside to see my daughter in a college play, or shuttling my son to the gym. I oversee our family business (Sitterwise), and my husband and I work in our church’s online and multisite ministry. It’s a full life, and it’s a blessed life. I can’t wait to meet you and make some images to celebrate YOUR life! 

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