Twirling on the Beach

Turning Five on Coronado | San Diego Family Portrait Photography

We have a tradition for Ava’s birthday photo sessions! A giant balloon declares the age she has become, and usually Ava is a little concerned about the balloon and not too excited about getting close to it. This year, though, she was FIVE, and she was very brave about the balloon. Then Ava and her mom and dad (okay, and the photographer) had a blast zooming around the sandy beach and twirling on the shore. Looking forward to birthday #6 next fall!

A Shiny Beach Session | Hotel del Coronado Photographer

It has taken us a few tries to get a “shiny beach session” with the Bones(https://amygrayphotography.com/san-diego-child-photographer-extended-family-photography/)/Weeks(https://amygrayphotography.com/summer-weeks-in-san-diego/) family! Schedules, weather, sickness . . . we just haven’t been able to work it out until this month when everything came together. It was a fast-paced, moderately-crazy hour or so, and I just love these images. They capture this fleeting time before these five cousins meet the newest addition in a few months.

Love and a Lamborghini | San Diego Anniversary Portraits

Anna and Brandon left their home up north to spend some kid-free time in San Diego, just the two of them. A big highlight of their time here was renting this amazing Lamborghini! We started at their hotel and ended up on the beach in Del Mar. Love that last shot, even if I had to get out my flash to do it!

Pacific Beach Family Portraits | San Diego Photographer La Jolla

When Elaine booked her session, she wrote in the comments, “The girls are easy . . . they grew up in front of the camera.” Okay, you’re not kidding! What MODELS they were, with all the expressions and gorgeous poses! And why did they grow up in front of the camera, you ask? Because Elaine is a photographer herself! It’s always such an honor to be chosen to photograph another photographer’s family. If you’re in the Gilbert, Arizona, area and need portraits, be sure to look up Elaine Kessler Photography!

Violinist Senior Portraits on Coronado | San Diego Photography

My friend Amy and her husband and kids come back to San Diego each year to see family, and, lately, to do senior photos at the beach! Last year I got to photograph the whole extended family and especially Luke’s older sister Mia, and this time it was Luke’s turn. An accomplished violinist and pianist, Luke has a bright future ahead in music. We incorporated his violin into his senior portraits and leaned into the formal look for his auditions, and then he switched to shorts for some relaxed beach images at the end.

Extended Family Portraits at the Hotel del Coronado | 4 Years Later

I was thrilled to hear from Dan’s family again this year! The last time I photographed them, their grandson was just a year old, and we had time constraints that meant our session needed to be early in the day. It was fine and we made the most of it, but oh my—I love a sunset session when it’s possible!! Four years is a long time when you’re a little boy, and this guy grew right up into an adorable kindergartner, ready for all the dad-and-grandpa fun we could throw at him. I really loved that night on the beach.

Beach Photography Coronado California

Hotel del Coronado Vacation Photography | San Diego Portraits

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Loved the weather, loved the styling, and LOVED that these awesome and chill parents didn’t panic when baby boy wasn’t super-duper excited about having his picture taken at 10:00pm Central Time. They rolled with it, they flexed, and we made so many fun memories and beautiful family portraits featuring Coronado’s gorgeous summer light, sparkling sand, and glistening waves.

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