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Birth Photography 101 . . . This was my first shot at birth photography! I love photographing events (weddings, baby showers, birthday parties), but I had never photographed a birth, and I was so excited when my friend Christie offered me the chance. Christie has two big boys, but she is a newlywed as of a year ago Sunday, and this little sister is a pretty special girl. Makes me tear up again just thinking about it. I felt so honored and blessed to be there, witnessing the amazing gift of new life. Congratulations, Christie and Ward. She is beautiful!!
2013-11-12_0032.jpg2013-11-12_0033.jpg2013-11-12_0034.jpg2013-11-12_00932013-11-12_0036.jpgFelicity Shae | San Diego Birth Photography2013-11-12_0038.jpgFelicity Shae | San Diego Birth Photography2013-11-12_0040.jpgFelicity Shae | San Diego Birth Photography2013-11-12_0042.jpgFelicity Shae | San Diego Birth Photography2013-11-12_0044.jpgFelicity Shae | San Diego Birth Photography2013-11-12_0046.jpg2013-11-12_0047.jpg2013-11-12_0048.jpg2013-11-12_0049.jpg2013-11-12_0050.jpg2013-11-12_0051.jpg2013-11-12_0052.jpg2013-11-12_0053.jpg2013-11-12_0054.jpg2013-11-12_0055.jpg2013-11-12_0056.jpg2013-11-12_0057.jpg2013-11-12_00942013-11-12_0058.jpg2013-11-12_0059.jpg2013-11-12_0060.jpg2013-11-12_0061.jpg2013-11-12_0062.jpg2013-11-12_0063.jpg2013-11-12_0065.jpg2013-11-12_0064.jpg2013-11-12_00952013-11-12_0066.jpg2013-11-12_0067.jpg2013-11-12_0068.jpg2013-11-12_0069.jpg

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