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My client Amy told me in her very first email that her little one was an ESPECIALLY happy kiddo. I tend to be prepared for a range of baby and toddler reactions to the beach, but I wasn’t disappointed! This little one is happy, happy, happy, and boy, does she love birds! Here’s what Amy had to say about her session:

We have lived in San Diego for 4 years and are moving up to Oregon in a couple of months. We have ADORED San Diego and are so glad our little girl has gotten to spend the first year of her life exploring the zoos, beaches and parks. She was born in La Jolla, and San Diego is iconic for its beaches, so we opted to do a coastal photoshoot to commemorate her 1st birthday (December 28th), our time in San Diego, and the holidays. I couldn’t be happier with the pictures and I am so excited to share them and know that they will be such a historical gem for us in the years to come.

When visiting San Diego with kiddos, DEFINITELY don’t miss Coronado, the zoo, the safari park, or the Birch Aquarium. We will miss our favorite spots so much!

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Q. What are your thoughts on parenting?

Our goal is really simple, treat her the way we would want to be treated. I see parents snap, yell, jerk, or scold kids ALL of the time and I think they will, in turn, go and treat their playmates, spouses, and future relationships in that same way. I think there is a lot to be said for explaining things, keeping things at a pace they can easily process, and ensuring that upsets are addressed with love and respect. A tired or hungry baby / kid is going to be a much different beast than a well fed and rested little one so that is also something we are sure to keep an eye on.

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What is a favorite memory from your photo session?

I love how she started pointing at the birds and things. She does that A LOT so it is so wonderful that that was caught. She points and inquires with a grunt either meaning “what is that” or “oooo that!” They are different grunts, and it is the cutest thing ever.

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What is your favorite image from your session?

I just adore the image of her up in the air with Daddy. She really likes things that are high up. They spend a significant amount of time with him lifting her up in the air or on his shoulders while she touches trees or looks at the stand mixer on the top of our kitchen shelves (she LOVES that thing). We were looking through the pictures and, honestly, my husband got the ultimate dibs on his favorites for the holiday card because he just loved the pictures of him and his little girl. Sweeeetttttt.

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San Diego Beach Photographer
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