Location Information

La Jolla's Gem

Windansea Beach

Here are all the details for this beautiful La Jolla spot for beach photography! This location looks serene, but bring your adventurous spirit for a little rock climbing and wave-dodging!

Meeting Place

We’ll meet at the white staircase at the intersection of Neptune & Nautilus in La Jolla. 6900 Neptune Place is a good address for GPS. Please see below for a photo of the meeting location.


This is a hilly residential area with street parking. Be sure to plan a little extra time just in case you have to walk a block or two.


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What to Wear

Please refer to my styling guide. I will email you the password to access Style & Select.

Shoes, etc.

I recommend flip-flops that you can kick off when you get to the sand. We don’t worry about “real shoes” for beach sessions.

Dinner Options

La Jolla has lots of great options for dinner! Here’s the scoop on dinner ideas. Again — bring a towel and change of clothes!
If you’re a history buff like me, you might be interested in knowing the history of Windansea Beach.


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