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I’ve photographed some traditional weddings, and I’ve photographed some not-so-traditional weddings.  Two Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of documenting two weddings that were about as different as they could possibly be.   Only the date was in common . . . and it was a popular wedding day (10-10-10)!  The second wedding, in the evening, I second shot for my sister, Melanie Monroe (and I’m hoping she’ll blog about it soon, because it was about as non-traditional as they come!).

The first wedding, in the morning, was Pamela and Steve’s ceremony right during the morning service at their Lutheran church.  The time was both sacred and lighthearted and was attended by a delightful mixture of biological family and a very devoted and close church family.  The reception was held in potluck style right after church.   It was the perfect blend of the best of wedding traditions and the relaxed, informal attitude that enables people to really enjoy their special day.  I loved being there.

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