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We’re mostly barefoot around here, but scroll to the end to find out more about this traveling family’s very appropriate business! Here’s what Krista had to say about her family’s adventures which, I’m happy to say, included a stop at the Hotel del Coronado and a photo session on my favorite beach!

Globetrotting Toddlers | Travel Photography San Diego

Our family loves to travel! When my husband and I started talking about marriage and dreaming about our future, we decided that we wanted to leave our traditional workweek jobs and focus on work that would allow us the freedom to see the world. We got married, quit our jobs, sold most of our possessions and left San Diego on an around the world adventure.

World Travelers | San Diego PhotographerBeach Photos in San Diego

Together we traveled to 6 continents and almost 40 countries. (Separately we’ve been to many more, and Krista has traveled all 7 continents.) We love to immerse ourselves in new cultures and we always look for a new or unique adventure in the places we travel. We have swam with whale sharks, dived the Great Barrier Reef, hot air ballooned over the Serengeti, photographed the Northern Lights, eaten Kobe steak in Kobe Japan, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, learned to drive tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka, and heli ice climbed Franz Josef Glacier. We have been sky diving, hang gliding, rafting, zip-lining, blokarting, jet boating, luging, horseback riding, spelunking, microlight flying, and kayaking all over the world. There’s not much we won’t try!

After having our daughter, we have continued our adventures. One of her first words was “Go!” She has road tripped with us from California to Maine and we plan to visit all the US National Parks together. We cherish the time and experiences travel allows us to have together, and we encourage family and friends to meet us along the way!

Beach Photos in San DiegoSan Diego Beach PhotographerBeach Photos in San DiegoBeach Photos in San DiegoBeach Photos in San Diego

What prompted you to have photos done?

A year ago one of my best friends lost her battle with cancer. She was 39 and has a son a few months older than my daughter. The old adage “today is a gift, tomorrow is not promised” is so true. I (Krista) prefer to be behind the camera, so we have a ton of pictures of my husband and daughter but only a handful of us together. I promised myself I would do better. Knowing we were going to be in San Diego this month, we decided to pause time for an hour and capture our family in this sweet moment at the beach. Children grow so quickly and I want to be sure we document this time in our family’s life. Amy did such a wonderful job photographing us – we are not an easy group as none of us particularly love to be in front of the camera.

Family Photography San DiegoFamily Photography San Diego
Family Photography San Diego

What was your favorite memory from your photo session?

It was freezing! I must have picked the coldest night of the month for our photo session. I think we will look back and laugh at running around in the freezing cold water.

Beach Photos in San DiegoSan Diego Beach Photographer
Toddler Photography San Diego

Describe a favorite image from your session. Why is it your favorite?

I chose Amy for her signature reflection shots and she did not disappoint! She is a master at timing, lighting, and composition. We will definitely book another session with her in the future.

Reflection Photo San Diego Coronado
Reflection Photo San Diego Coronado
Reflection Photo San Diego Coronado
Reflection Photo San Diego Coronado
Reflection Photo San Diego Coronado

Krista’s family’s business combines their love of travel with supporting vulnerable communities. John Candor shoes are crafted out of the highest quality materials, designed for lasting comfort, and supporting vulnerable communities in South America. They are shoes you can feel great about buying and wearing. Find out more about John Candor here >>

Beach Photos in San Diego

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