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Beach photos in San Diego are especially fun when there’s something to celebrate, and Elise’s family had both a third birthday AND a ten-year anniversary this year. Elise tells the story:

We had travelled to Hawaii last year to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and daughter’s second birthday. We decided to document the occasion with a photography session, and aside from being an awesome way to capture that moment in time we all had a blast! Our daughter was looking forward to doing it again this year, and we were only happy to oblige!

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Our daughter is terribly afraid of mylar balloons – the bigger the scarier! This all started on her 2nd birthday when we brought along a gigantic “2” balloon as a photo prop…but after we were done, instead of carrying it around for the rest of the shoot Daddy decided to pop it (and we all know how indestructible mylar balloons are!). Fast forward to this year, and we brought along another gigantic “3” balloon…and despite Amy saying “these NEVER pop!”, our daughter knew better! 

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All of the shots were incredible – and came out way better than I had even hoped (given our daughter’s reluctance to participate at first!). All the shots of her were amazing – but I do like the one where she’s playing with sand and is captured in a sort of sand tunnel!

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We were more than halfway into our session before she started to relax and have a little fun with pictures–and then came “Potty! I have to potty!” Of course she did…and of course the potty was a million steps away back in our hotel room. Her Dad has longer legs so he got the exercise of his life running up the beach trying to escort her there, but it was a fun moment that I’m sure all parents of toddlers can relate to!

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