Photo Poll Results | San Diego Family Photography with Amy Gray

Thank you to all who voted in my little survey to see which of the kids’ images should go on the wall at our mom’s house this year!

It was extremely close between image B and image C, and I thought C had won when I added the Facebook and Instagram votes.  When I put in the blog votes, though, they sent B into the lead.  The final tally was A – 10 votes, B – 23 votes, C – 21 votes, and D – 10 votes.  This is unscientific and some people voted in more than one place and gave more than one answer, so we will take all this with a grain of salt.  I learned from this that interactive photos and photos that show closeness and personality reign supreme!

To all of you who voted for image B — I like it a lot too.  However, even though you won, you lose.

Mom knew immediately which one was her favorite, and she voted for C, and that’s what she’s getting. I’ll print B for my house. 🙂

B.  (Winner, winner, chicken dinner!)

C.  2nd place and the one that’s actually getting made into a canvas for the wall.

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