Family Beach Photography by Amy Gray San Diego Photographer

Sometimes friends are more like family, and that’s the case with the Fribergs and the Grays . . . the de Castros and the Cothrans.  We go way back.  WAY back.  WAY WAY W-A-Y back.   Since our moms are best friends and our dads are best friends and have been for almost 40 years, Becky and I remember things like each other’s 6th birthday parties, elementary school musicals, dozens of river trips spanning every decade of our lives, awkward stages, crazy college summers, getting married . . . pretty much everything important.  Her little guys, who are getting bigger by the day, call me “Aunt Mimi.”  I super love this family, because they’re MY family.  Becky & Peter, I’m praying for you.  Here’s to frappuccinos, business lunches, Cadbury eggs, and accidentally stopping at See’s Candy.


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