Since it takes a little bit of special planning to organize an extended family session as far as the clothing selection goes, here are some ideas for clients in the shopping stages:

Notice that COLOR looks great on the beach!  Don’t be afraid of bold shades, as long as you have a consistent theme going on (don’t put everyone in blue and have one person in red, for example).  The following are some examples of family sessions where each person wore something that went along with the general theme.  Since with large groups it’s difficult to plan detailed outfits for everyone, I suggest giving your family simple instructions such as the following:
“Wear what you feel comfortable in, as long as it is in the blue color family or neutral (khaki or white).  Be prepared to remove your shoes (flip flops work great).  Men and boys should wear collared shirts.  Nuclear families should coordinate their outfits together as well, for the smaller grouping shots.”
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