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Exactly How I Want to Remember This Age | Coronado Beach Portraits

Family photos at the beach on Coronado served two purposes for the Brumsey family. Laura said, “We actually came to the area for the first time last year, and we fell in love with San Diego and its perfect weather. It was an easy decision to come back again. We spent our time checking out the beaches and playgrounds, and doing the typical tourist rounds of the zoo, the aquarium, and Balboa Park. It was a welcome break from the first cold snap of the year on the east coast!”

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Twirling on the Beach | Little Girl Dresses

“I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but when our daughter’s new school asked for a picture of the three of us to display in her classroom, I realized that I didn’t have many recent photos with all of us! We took a lot when my daughter was a baby, and had one special session with our elderly dog just before she passed – but I wanted something recent and happy to hang up in our new house.”

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Laura said that, as far as concerns going into her session, she “wondered what mood my three-year-old would be in! She is always moving, and can sense when a camera is pointed at her and stop smiling in a split second.” In spite of her mama’s worries, we had no trouble keeping her happy, catching some great shots of her on the move!

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Once of Laura’s favorite memories was “watching our little girl racing around in the surf. She just loves to run and she was so genuinely happy to be in a pretty dress, splashing in the water.”

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“It’s hard to pick just one favorite image, but there are several where our daughter has her arms outstretched as she splashes in the water, and the joy on her face is just so transparent. It’s exactly how I want to remember this age.”

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Little Girl in the Waves | Photographers in San Diego

Laura said, “We will primarily display these images in our home. They went on holiday cards, framed gifts for the grandparents, etc. Our primary reason for getting them done was to have some keepsakes for our home.”

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Child Playing on the Beach | Coronado Photographer

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