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Coronado Extended Family Photos | 50 Years of Memories

San Diego extended family photography client Megan has been vacationing in Coronado for over 50 years, when the kids came along, she and Scott would pack their four children into the suburban every year to spend a few weeks at the beach, visiting the Zoo, Sea World, Legoland, and the water parks. It was the relaxing beach time they all enjoyed the most, and Coronado was where they created their happiest memories.

This year, Megan and Scott enjoyed sharing this tradition with their extended family, including the grandchildren and in-laws, and they decided to take the opportunity to schedule family portraits since (other than wedding photos) they hadn’t had a professional session in over ten years.

Megan says, “These pictures are a true example of the love we have each other and the fun we have when we are here on Coronado…Thank you, Amy, for capturing these memories for us in the place my children and now grandchildren call ‘Gramma’s Happy Place’!” Here are some fun shots from their session, and scroll down for Megan’s special favorites!

Grandparents with Grandchildren
Little Children Rocking on the Beach
Reflection Shot on Coronado Beach
Coronado Family Photography
San Diego Family Photography
Running in the Sand San DiegoYoung Family Beach Silhouette
Extended Family Portraits in San Diego

A classic San Diego extended family photography image:

Hotel Del Extended FamilyChildren Running on the Beach
Reflection Portrait Extended Family
Young Family Portrait
Grandparent Goals | Reflection Sunset Silhouette
Family Portraits in San Diego
Family Playing on the Beach
Family Portraits in San Diego
Fun on Coronado Beach
Silhouette Reflection Shot
Walking on the Water

Q: What were some of your favorite memories from your session?

A. Christopher running happily with sailboat down the beach.

Family Photography San Diego

A. Our “Little Dude Jude” pure joy at being able to run up and down the sand giggling and Amy allowing him to “be himself.”

Coronado Family Photos
Family Photoraphy San Diego

A. Levi hamming it up for the camera! I can’t get him to pose for me like that.

Child Photographer San Diego

Q. What is your favorite image from your session?

A. The first one of the whole family! How did Amy get that?!?!?

Photographers in San Diego

A. The way Amy was able to include Christopher’s parents Joe and Diane Salvatore in the session…they are thrilled to have the pictures of their son, sweet baby Claire, and Lauren.

Coronado Family PhotographyWalking on the Water

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