San Diego Beach Photos on Coronado

Coming Home to San Diego | Beach Photoshoot at the Hotel del Coronado

San Diego photography was a priority for Brandi and her family during their vacation this year. Here’s how she described their trip:

We had an AMAZING time on our trip! We live in Kansas City now, but my husband lived in San Diego growing up. He still has a lot of friends and family in the area, so we try to come out every few years. The last time we were there our son was only six months old. He’s four now, so it was super fun to experience the trip through his eyes!

San Diego Vacation photos on the beach
San Diego Vacation photos on the beach

We were blessed to be able to stay with various family and friends throughout our stay. This allowed us to experience so much more of San Diego this time: from the mountains of Alpine and Julian to exploring Balboa Park, beach camping at Silver Strand, and of course many trips to Lolita’s (my husband dreams about that place). We even squeezed in our first trip to Disneyland! We saved that surprise and had Amy capture our son’s reaction during our photos!

Family Photos in San Diego
Mom's Kisses Photos in San Diego
Little Boy Photos in San Diego

Here he is finding out about Disneyland!

Disneyland Surprise Photo

San Diego has such a special place in our hearts, and our son is at such a fun age! We thought a photo shoot on the beach would be a great way to capture both. Amy did a fabulous job of capturing beautiful images that will be displayed in our home for years to come!

Mother and Son Beach Photo
Mother and Son Beach Photo
Mother and Son Beach Photo
Family Beach Formal Portrait

My biggest concerns were probably wardrobe and weather. I was so afraid our luggage would be lost that I packed all of our clothes for pictures in one of our carry-ons. Of course, I always worry about the 4-year-old sass coming out, but he did pretty well. We love the way the photos capture his personality!

Boy Playing on the Beach
Boy Playing on the Beach
Family Beach Formal Portrait
Couple on the Beach

Our son had been asking to go to the beach and play in the water all day. It brought us so much joy to see him having such fun playing during our shoot. My other favorite was telling him we were headed to Disneyland as soon as our shoot was over.

Family Beach Formal Portrait

It’s so hard to choose just one! The image of our silhouettes in the sunset is probably the favorite for us. When I was searching for photographers those were some of the images that stood out the most about Amy’s work, so I was really hoping we would get one. I was thrilled with how ours turned out!

Coronado Silhouette at the Beach

I plan on a few new wall displays throughout our home. We also brought our Santa hats to the shoot, so I can’t wait to send out our Christmas cards this year!

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