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2020 was a rough year for everyone, it seems, but Airisha and her family decided to concentrate on the blessings with an end-of-year photo session. Here are her words and some favorite photos from our time on the beach. Be sure to scroll down and check out the attack wave at the end!

This was our first ever professional photo shoot as a family, and we loved how it turned out. This year has been terrible since the start of this unprecedented pandemic. Besides the world shutting down, losing normalcy and many people dying, for some reason almost everyone we know, (us included) has had other non COVID related ill-fated misfortune! Despite all the ugliness we’ve experienced, we wanted to keep a memory of beauty to treasure, that one day we’ll look back upon and remember, this year, that we were grateful for what we have.

San Diego Photography
San Diego Photographer
San Diego Photography Family
Little Girl Playing in the Sand
Mother and Daughter on the Beach
Holding Hands Little Girl
Mother and Daughter on the Beach
Family Walking on the Beach
Family Portraits at the Hotel Del Coronado
Little Girl Playing in the Sand
Little Girls Playing in the Sand

As far as her favorite image, Airisha said, “The reflection pictures, all of them, were my favorite. The hue of the light and the image on the wet sand with what looked like an endless background was magical.”

Spinning on the Beach | Dancing Girl
Family Walking on the Shore San Diego
Little Girl Alone on the Shore

Airisha said her favorite memory of the session was “seeing the sun set on that part of the beach. We’ve never explored that area in front of the Hotel Del, and it was dreamy. Also, freezing our butts off when that sun began to set! Lol!” Yep! 😂 I always have my van’s seat-warmer set to HIGH on the way home from December sessions like this one!

Sunset Silhouette Family
Family Running on the Beach
Sailboat Reflection on the Beach
Family in front of the Hotel del Coronado
Little Girl in the Waves on Coronado
Daddy Daughter Helicopter

Everything was ALL SET when this random wave came up and surprised us. It was 2020, after all!

Family Sailboat Sailing
Family Sailboat Sailing with Wave
Family Sailboat Sailing with Wave

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