13 Ways to Look Great in Your San Diego Family Photos

Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan

Family portrait “season” is upon us!  Kids are hanging up their goggles, strapping on the backpacks, and (gasp) even talking about their Halloween costume decisions!  For many families, it’s time to consider the annual photo session.   The first step to a great family photo goes without saying . . .  book your photographer!  ***Do this early, since fall weekends book up fast, and after the time-change  in early November, “sunset” sessions start no later than 4:00pm, which is hard on weekdays when kids are in school!***   I always send my clients a “What to Wear” guide at the time of reservation.  What I have never provided, though, were tips on hair, make-up, and so forth.  These are important pieces, too, so I have asked some professional friends to shed some light on what we can do to look our very best for the camera.

First in this series is Sarah Jordan, a make-up expert representing the Mary Kay brand.  Sarah is a beautiful long-time friend, and I felt enlightened after reading her tips for make-up choices and application before a photo session.

Here goes:

1.  Skin Prep – Before you begin applying your makeup or concealer you should always start with a good moisturized base for your eye area, face, and neck. This doesn’t mean that you need to switch from your regular skin care routine. Instead just remember to follow your regular skin care regimen before applying your makeup. I also suggest using either a deep pore cleaning exfoliate or deep cleansing mask at least 2 weeks prior to your photo session. This will make your skin look more refreshed, and if you do it a couple of weeks out then anything that erupts from your skin will go away by the time you’re ready for your close-up. My two favorites are the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion and the Botanical Effects® Mask (Formulas made for Dry, Normal & Oily Skin). Don’t forget to tweeze or wax any hair you want removed from your face at least the day before.

Timewise | Make-Up for Family Photos

2.  Primer – After your regular skin care routine (with moisturizer) you can move on to a primer.  I love the Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15.* It is super affordable and works like magic to make your makeup look flawless. Plus it has that wonderful sun protection element for those outside shots! Just apply an even layer of primer starting in your T-zone and smoothing out to the edges of your face.

Smooth on Mary Kay® Eye Primer to your eye lids from lashline to brows to help avoid your eye shadow creasing and to help your shadows blend more evenly.

Primer | Make-Up for Family Photos
Foundation Primer

3.  Foundation – Now that your skin has been prepped and primed you are ready for foundation. Go with an oil-free matte foundation such as TimeWise® Matte-Wear® Liquid Foundation in the correct shade and undertone for your skin.

4.  Concealer – After applying your oil-free matte foundation add concealer to cover spots, small blemishes and to help camouflage dark circles. It is important to remember to use a concealer with a yellow undertone or one close to your skin tone. My favorite, of course, is the Mary Kay® Concealer in my skin tone or yellow.

Concealer | Make-Up for Family Photos

5.  Eye & Lip Prep – Make sure to pluck, tweeze, wax, or groom the areas of your face the day before so your skin doesn’t look red or swollen the day of the shoot. This is very important for your eyebrows and upper lip area. If you DIY and you accidentally over-plucked don’t panic. Simply fill in your brows slightly with a good eyebrow pencil or brow powder.

6.  Eye Shadow – For a photo shoot you should be selective when wearing shimmer shades. It’s best to use shimmer shades only as highlighters on the eyes. Choose colors that compliment your style and eye color: Purple Shades for Green/ Hazel eyes, Blue or Silver tones for Brown eyes and Chocolates and Gold tones for Blue Eyes. This isn’t a hard rule so it’s always a good idea to test out your “look” a few times before your photo shoot.

7.  Eye Liner – Use a soft, neutral eyeliner (black or deep brown) close to the upper lashlines only, avoiding the lower lashlines. Smudge with a smudger brush, sponge-tip applicator or cotton swab. For lower lashlines, use mineral eye color instead of eyeliner. Harsh lines along the lower lashlines can draw attention to fine lines if you have them.

8.  Lashes – To give eyes a more open look, curl lashes with an eyelash curler prior to applying mascara. When applying mascara, two light coats are better than one heavy coat. Remember to TAKE YOUR TIME when applying mascara.

9.  Clean up – Don’t forget to clean up any fallout from eyeshadow or mascara – gently roll a Q-tip under your eye area, and then lightly buff with your mineral powder brush.

10.  Cheeks – Photos tend to wash out color in the face so you need to be sure to have the right amount of color on your cheeks. Try using a neutral base cream cheek color like Mary Kay® Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss as a base and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! After you apply Tip #6 then you can use a soft, warm shade to achieve a natural, youthful glow, but avoid heavy shimmer shades if you have fine lines on your face.11.  Lip Primer – To avoid the color bleeding outside your lips and to keep your lipstick on longer apply a lip primer such as TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer on and around lips. Allow to dry.

Lip Primer | Make-Up for Family Photos
Lip Primer

12.  Lipstick – Start with a neutral or clear lip liner. Keep to shades that are light to medium in pink or plum that compliment your hair and skin tone. Then add a small dab of clear or light pink lip gloss in the center of your lips and gently rub to blend outward. Check out your lips in the mirror and if you can’t see them at all, or your lips are all you notice, then you need a do-over.

13.  Finishing Touches – Finally, apply Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia® to extend wear.[/box]

Finishing Spray | Make-Up for Family Photos
Finishing Spray

For more information, or order products, or for personalized help from Sarah, see her website at www.marykay.com/SarahJordan.

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