The days fly by when kids are young, and before you know it, you’re looking back. Family portraits capture more than just the looks of the family in a certain place and time, but also the emotions and relationships between family members. Heirloom-quality family portraits are the treasured more as time goes by.

Catching Some Serious Waves

I met my daughter Lissa’s friend Evette and her family at the beach on Saturday.   This precious little girl was a familiar face for us between preschool and kindergarten, since she is the only friend who also went to the same two schools!  It’s always fun to see her smiling face before and after school, and we’re looking forward to our ice skating field trip this week!

“E” was so much fun to photograph!  She had lots of smiles and was all about posing for the camera.  And when it came to going down by the water for a few shots “near” the waves . . . look out!



Beautiful brown eyes . . . and no question where they came from!






The last time I was at Crystal Pier, the entire place was socked in with crazy fog!  What a change this time, when I arrived for a pre-Thanksgiving Day shoot with Family L.  Oh, my goodness!  The weather was beautiful, and everything just went by the book.  The children were sensational, the parents were pros, and we had plenty of time to get just the shots we needed.  Thanks for a wonderful time!






Hugs, Lollipops, and a San Diego Snowman

What a treat to do a sunset beach session at the Del with my good friend Keri and her family!  Little Zach spotted me on the sidewalk and started running, giving me a huge hug right off the bat!  Wow!!  He loved me even more when I told him about the super-special lollipops I was holding for children with smiles for my camera!

Zach and his big sister Rylee were both champs, and they genuinely had a GREAT time getting their church clothes all wet and sandy in the waves!  Baby brother Colby took it all in and pretty much decided we were all nuts, but he was okay with it.


Zach was a GREAT smiler . . . except when there was something more interesting to look at!


And at one point, Zach got just a little more wet than he’d bargained for . . .


But Rylee loved every single minute.  She has a zest for life equaled only by . . . her mommy.


I love these silhouettes from this session!!



And to top it all off, we met a real-life  San Diego snowman on the way in from the beach!  We were all soaked to the skin, but Zach and Rylee took a moment out from their lollipop appreciation party to stick the nose back on the snowman.    (So THAT’s what vegetables are for!)   It was a sweet ending to a fun time!

Justin! No . . . Evan!

Well, I thought I had experience with twins . . . but IDENTICAL twins are a whole different ballgame!


I kept calling for the wrong one to look at the camera!  Fortunately, their beautiful mom had them color-coded, and that helped some . . . if I could remember which one was which color!


What it came down, to though, was that they were both sweet and smiley and fun!  Here’s . . . um . . . Justin!


Pretty cute, hmm?

A Sunset at Balboa Park

Because there sure wasn’t one at the ocean! Beverly, Brant, and Brianne had planned to meet at the beach, but when I arrived for their shoot, I said . . . “shoot!” This is what it looked like at the beach that evening:


So, quick!  We raced the sun over to Balboa Park for a nice sunset session among San Diego’s most beautiful architecture.

Beverly wanted some nice photos of their family before Brant headed back to his next assignment with the Marine Corps.  He had just returned from boot camp and was happy to be have ten days off to relax and recuperate.


Mom and sister were happy to have him around, too.


Most of the time.


So, just like Brant is making the most of his 10 days of freedom, we made the most of this San Diego sunset . . . and some memories to last.


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