Hiring a San Diego photographer for a sunset proposal is a great idea, and so is planning an engagement photo session on the beach. The beach has so much to offer: Reflections, dramatic lighting, silhouettes! Book your beach engagement photoshoot today!

Engaged | San Diego Engagement Photographer

Today I grabbed my paparazzi gear and headed out to photograph my niece’s surprise engagement on the Hornblower.  Her sailor beau, John, had been planning this for months and had delivered my ticket yesterday afternoon.  Hannah and John were boarding at 9:30, and I was supposed to be on the boat by 9:45 for the 10:00 cruise.  Apparently, they leave at 10:00 SHARP — so don’t be late.

In keeping with my secret mission, I parked a full 3/4 of a mile from the actual boat.  (Okay, it was an accident, and anyone who knows my sense of direction will tell you they are not surprised one bit.)  I was pretty confident I would make it until I heard the engines start up . . . and the photo guys on the dock barely even asked if I would like a photo with that big white life preserver thing at the entrance.  Anyway, I made it (barely), and I got my exercise for the day, too.

I stayed downstairs since John and Hannah were on the second level.  There were 9 people on board.  John and I were texting back and forth during the first 20 minutes or so after the boat left the dock, and at one point he texted, “We’re coming downstairs!!” and I ran for a corner and hid there for another 20 minutes until he “went to the bathroom” and we had a little pow-wow about the plan.  Next thing I knew, he was on his knee, and Hannah was over the moon.  Rod and I are so excited for this sweet couple!  And what better way to spend Veteran’s Day weekend than for a sailor to get engaged at sea.  Congratulations, both of you!

Surprise Engagement | Mission Trails Photography

I was so blessed to accompany my good friend and fellow photographer Sarah Tolson on this surprise engagement shoot.  Jessica thought she and Nicholai were just getting some nice “couples” portraits done, but Nicholai had another plan.  Right in the middle of the session, he gave the cue, “Can I try a pose?” and Sarah started filming while I took the still photographs.  Nicholai went down on one knee and popped the question, and Jessica . . . well, she was happy.  Check out her reaction . . .

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