Family | San Diego Family Photographer

Sometimes friends are more like family, and that’s the case with the Fribergs and the Grays . . . the de Castros and the Cothrans.  We go way back.  WAY back.  WAY WAY W-A-Y back.   Since our moms are best friends and our dads are best friends and have been for almost 40 years, Becky and I remember things like each other’s 6th birthday parties, elementary school musicals, dozens of river trips spanning every decade of our lives, awkward stages, crazy college summers, getting married . . . pretty much everything important.  Her little guys, who are getting bigger by the day, call me “Aunt Mimi.”  I super love this family, because they’re MY family.  Becky & Peter, I’m praying for you.  Here’s to frappuccinos, business lunches, Cadbury eggs, and accidentally stopping at See’s Candy.


Brand New

W family, thank you for letting me capture your newest little guy!  I am certain that he will grow up to be as sweet and gentlemanly as his big brothers.  He sure behaved himself well during our session!  More to come soon!

Posh Pink Princess Party

Wow.  Now, that’s a party!  A first birthday is always an occasion to celebrate, and when you have a close-knit group of friends and family, it’s a great opportunity for a kid-friendly food and fun spectacular!  This mom and dad (and an awesome auntie!) did it right!

Back to School

My little girl is back to school tomorrow morning, and I’m going to miss her!  Second grade is calling her name, though, and she’s ready!

Family | San Diego Balboa Park Photographer

In this session, so many parts of my world converged! First of all, Amy Gray Photography met Marion’s Childcare (this beautiful family used our hotel babysitting service the evening before our photoshoot). Secondly, I was once again photographing twins. Technically, this is my sister’s speciality, but I have stolen all her tricks! I love Balboa Park more each time I go, and it was fun to play tour guide and show it off to a family who had never seen it before. We had a blast!

Family – San Diego Balboa Park Photographer

A beautiful, sunny San Diego day, and a beautiful family with two little girls with sunny personalities to match!  I hadn’t seen Bob and Amy for about six years, but our photo session was a fun time to catch up and learn about their life as missionaries in Africa!  They needed a photo for their prayer cards, as well as some fun shots of their girls enjoying San Diego before heading back to Malawi.  I had read on Amy’s blog about the girls’ lack of appreciation for shoes, so I wasn’t surprised when they took theirs off at every turn!  Finally we gave up and got some foot shots.  Sweet feet :).