A Normal Rockwell Moment | San Diego Family Photographer

I won’t deny it.  With little kids, Christmas time is just absolutely SPLENDID.  You know, unless somebody melts down, has higher expectations than warranted, is over-scheduled and grumpy, or missed his nap.  Sometimes the above person is none other than the Mommy.  That just about describes my experience putting up our living-room artificial Christmas tree this year.  One night when Rod was at band practice, I hauled it in and set it up all by myself (unless you count the kids, who were asking me questions while I was trying to think and dragging random decorations in from the garage at the same time).  The tree turned out okay apart from one strand of burned out lights on the left side half-way down, but the Christmas tree putting-up was not quite the sparkly memory I had in mind.

Christmas trees, take two!  Our family tradition has always been to get our family room “main” tree from the local tree lot across the street from our church, and this last Sunday afternoon, while we were lazing around on the couch, Rod and I had the brilliant idea to go get the tree.  So we did.  The kids were all about it.  We were all in splendid moods, and we found the perfect tree.  Then Rod chopped off the bottom of the trunk, I spread out the plastic, and the kids made themselves scarse (in some way that, miraculously, did not involve messing up the house).  We brought in the tree to the sounds of Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” and the smell of a cinnamon candle.  THIS was how it was supposed to be.  We sifted through the ornaments and talked about the times when we received them.  We only dropped and broke two.  And then, I took this photo.  As a friend said, “Norman Rockwell is smiling down.”  Ha ha!  But yes, that was the way I felt that day, and I’m so glad I have the image to remember it by.   Merry Christmas from the Gray Family!Christmas Tree | San Diego Family Photographer

Family | San Diego Family Photographer

Sometimes friends are more like family, and that’s the case with the Fribergs and the Grays . . . the de Castros and the Cothrans.  We go way back.  WAY back.  WAY WAY W-A-Y back.   Since our moms are best friends and our dads are best friends and have been for almost 40 years, Becky and I remember things like each other’s 6th birthday parties, elementary school musicals, dozens of river trips spanning every decade of our lives, awkward stages, crazy college summers, getting married . . . pretty much everything important.  Her little guys, who are getting bigger by the day, call me “Aunt Mimi.”  I super love this family, because they’re MY family.  Becky & Peter, I’m praying for you.  Here’s to frappuccinos, business lunches, Cadbury eggs, and accidentally stopping at See’s Candy.


Family | San Diego Beach Photographer

My latest session at Pacific Beach was a dream!  Combine a gorgeous sunset with a beautiful expectant mother and her three smiling, good-looking teens, and it was a great shoot waiting to happen.  Congratulations, Claudia, on motherhood.  You do it well!

Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer
Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer


San Diego Pacific Beach Family Photographer

A good time was had by all.

Me – I got a fish taco on the way and then spent a fun-filled evening photographing lots of photogenic people with happy smiles.  None of them ran away from me, and I didn’t have to bribe them with lollipops.

My Husband & Kids – They got to play in the sand and, as Steven put it, “The big waves were awesome.”  (Rod didn’t feel that the children would get wet, so he left the towels in the car.)

The LaPointes – They got to climb on the pier and jump off and climb on the lifeguard tower and jump off.  This was especially fun for Chris, the crazy son-in-law.  I also let him play with my camera.

Me again – With 4GB additional RAM in my iMac, I edited these photos not once, not twice, but THREE times as I explored my newfound Photoshop speediness.  Woohoooo!  It probably didn’t seem speedy to the LaPointes, however.

Family – San Diego Balboa Park Photographer

A beautiful, sunny San Diego day, and a beautiful family with two little girls with sunny personalities to match!  I hadn’t seen Bob and Amy for about six years, but our photo session was a fun time to catch up and learn about their life as missionaries in Africa!  They needed a photo for their prayer cards, as well as some fun shots of their girls enjoying San Diego before heading back to Malawi.  I had read on Amy’s blog about the girls’ lack of appreciation for shoes, so I wasn’t surprised when they took theirs off at every turn!  Finally we gave up and got some foot shots.  Sweet feet :).