Family | San Diego Rainy Day High ISO Photographer

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we (took photos) in the house
On that cold, cold, wet day.
(except for these of baby Breah, who was turning one!)

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we (took pictures) in the house
Of the Fribergs and all.

I know some good games we could play,”
Said the cat.
“I know some new tricks,”
Said the Cat (not) in the Hat.

“A lot of good tricks.
I will show them to you.
Your mother
Will not mind at all if I do.”

Family | San Diego Beach Photographer

A smiling baby.  A gorgeous family.  A beautiful sunset.  What more could a photographer want?  This was a family session and an engagement session all wrapped up into one.  This family is near and dear to my heart . . . one of my mom’s best friends, a former student of mine, a couple whose wedding I photographed, and a baby whose newborn photos I took.  Oh, and my dad’s boss.   So first, the family shots . . .

And next, the engagement shots.   Congratulations, Ben and Brandy!!

Pamela & Steve | Wedding | San Diego Family Photographer

I’ve photographed some traditional weddings, and I’ve photographed some not-so-traditional weddings.  Two Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of documenting two weddings that were about as different as they could possibly be.   Only the date was in common . . . and it was a popular wedding day (10-10-10)!  The second wedding, in the evening, I second shot for my sister, Melanie Monroe (and I’m hoping she’ll blog about it soon, because it was about as non-traditional as they come!).

The first wedding, in the morning, was Pamela and Steve’s ceremony right during the morning service at their Lutheran church.  The time was both sacred and lighthearted and was attended by a delightful mixture of biological family and a very devoted and close church family.  The reception was held in potluck style right after church.   It was the perfect blend of the best of wedding traditions and the relaxed, informal attitude that enables people to really enjoy their special day.  I loved being there.

Saying Goodbye | San Diego Family Photography

This week I got to photograph one of the most wonderful and beautiful families I know.   Sadly, the reason for the photos and the family reunion itself was the sudden passing of the family’s beloved mother/grandmother.  She will be deeply missed by her husband, three children, and twelve grandchildren.

I had never thought about photographing a funeral before my friend, Robin, expressed that the family wanted pictures of the memorial service.   In the end, though the services were heartbreaking and brought many tears . . . and more when I was going through the photos and editing them . . . I felt a deep sense of satisfaction with these images, and gratitude that I was able to do this.

I hope that these images will provide a little bit of comfort and closure at times when actual memories seem just a blur, and the memorials seem to have been too short, to have sped by too fast, and to have been inadequate to the importance of the loved one’s life and the depth of the sorrow in her absence.

Unconditional Surrender | San Diego Family Photographer

Our friends Mike & Keri are facing a deployment soon.  As the upbeat, positive people they are, they’ve packed the last few days of togetherness with lots of fun family time, including a special trip out to the Midway, and a photosession near the “Unconditional Surrender” sculpture.  This gigantic statue is modeled after the famous photo of the victorious sailor and the unsuspecting nurse, and Keri once actually had the opportunity to meet the nurse in question, and get her autograph!

The sculpture must be special to Keri and Mike because of what it symbolizes . . . the unconditional surrender of a husband and father for a period of months . . . and then the joyful homecoming that awaits.

Mike, thank you for your service to our country.  Keri, Rylee, Zachary, and Colby, we will be praying for you, too, and we thank you for YOUR sacrifice as well.

Gina & Omar | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to our friends Gina and Omar on their wedding earlier this month!  Can you imagine a more gorgeous couple?  Their wedding was held right after church, with the whole congregation invited to the ceremony and potluck reception.  Everything turned out beautifully, and it was a blessing to see these two tie the knot.