Family | San Diego Beach Photographer

My latest session at Pacific Beach was a dream!  Combine a gorgeous sunset with a beautiful expectant mother and her three smiling, good-looking teens, and it was a great shoot waiting to happen.  Congratulations, Claudia, on motherhood.  You do it well!

Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer
Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer

Pacific Beach Photographer


Brand New

W family, thank you for letting me capture your newest little guy!  I am certain that he will grow up to be as sweet and gentlemanly as his big brothers.  He sure behaved himself well during our session!  More to come soon!

Posh Pink Princess Party

Wow.  Now, that’s a party!  A first birthday is always an occasion to celebrate, and when you have a close-knit group of friends and family, it’s a great opportunity for a kid-friendly food and fun spectacular!  This mom and dad (and an awesome auntie!) did it right!

San Diego Pacific Beach Family Photographer

A good time was had by all.

Me – I got a fish taco on the way and then spent a fun-filled evening photographing lots of photogenic people with happy smiles.  None of them ran away from me, and I didn’t have to bribe them with lollipops.

My Husband & Kids – They got to play in the sand and, as Steven put it, “The big waves were awesome.”  (Rod didn’t feel that the children would get wet, so he left the towels in the car.)

The LaPointes – They got to climb on the pier and jump off and climb on the lifeguard tower and jump off.  This was especially fun for Chris, the crazy son-in-law.  I also let him play with my camera.

Me again – With 4GB additional RAM in my iMac, I edited these photos not once, not twice, but THREE times as I explored my newfound Photoshop speediness.  Woohoooo!  It probably didn’t seem speedy to the LaPointes, however.

Back to School

My little girl is back to school tomorrow morning, and I’m going to miss her!  Second grade is calling her name, though, and she’s ready!

Family | San Diego Balboa Park Photographer

In this session, so many parts of my world converged! First of all, Amy Gray Photography met Marion’s Childcare (this beautiful family used our hotel babysitting service the evening before our photoshoot). Secondly, I was once again photographing twins. Technically, this is my sister’s speciality, but I have stolen all her tricks! I love Balboa Park more each time I go, and it was fun to play tour guide and show it off to a family who had never seen it before. We had a blast!